Privacy Policy

1. General

   A. SUCON Inc.(This is called a service.)It recognizes the importance of privacy and is committed to maintaining privacy. Its privacy policy applies to content provided by the service.

   B. This privacy statement also applies to the use of services through websites optimized for mobile devices or mobile devices.

   C. The privacy policy is always open to the public, so when you need it SUBOX You can read the full text of the privacy statement from the website. You will be notified of any changes to your privacy policy by posting the revisions or amendments to the website.

2. Admin

   A. The personal information manager is the person in charge of personal information at SUCON Inc. The contact information for queries relating to personal data processing is as follows.

        1) Phone call : + 82-2-2039-8505
        2) Email :
3. Data Protection Manager

   A. The data protection manager. Users can view information about their privacy, ask the data protection manager for related information, and contact information is as follows.

       1) Email :

4. Category and Source of Personal Data

   A. Personal data may be used directly or indirectly to identify or contact you personally or to determine your location (The rest has been omitted "Personal Data" This information can be used. The sources of personal information collected depend on the capabilities of the services you use.

   나. Default Personal Data . Photos stored on your chosen mobile phone, stories created by youYou may provide the following data (as shown in ) and process it. Personal information you provide us directly. Our services allow you to disclose your personal information.(The rest has been omitted "Basic Personal Data" called)

   다. Technical data . We can process technical data such as IP address (including IP address-based location), access provider, suggested URL, date, time, access token, browser type and version, operating system, amount and status of transmitted data, and location. Data, etc (The rest has been omitted "Technical data" (called)

       1) While you are using our services, we automatically generate or collect information from your device through a service log.

   D. Personal data obtained from third parties or by using third-party solutions. We may process the personal information provided by a third party referred to in section 9 of this privacy statement (ex : Facebook, Instagram, TwitterWhen creating an account or logging in through the) (The rest has been omitted "Three-Party Service Providers") Publicly available in your profile. We provide personal data, names, user names, e-mail addresses, profile photos, login IDs, genders, age groups, photos of Facebook albums, tagged locations, publicly available and accessible to you (See section 9 of this Privacy Policy for additional information on third-party logins), etc etc (The rest has been omitted "Three-Party Service Providers" (called)
       1) A public profile that you have set up with a third-party service provider and such third-party provider to log in to use this service. If you use a third party to sign in or create a service account, we will only receive personal data via that third party if you agree to a third party sharing your personal data with us.

   마. 쿠키 . It also uses cookies to serve over the Internet. More information about cookies is as follows.

       1) Collecting, managing and rejecting personal information through cookies

  •            A) The service uses "cookie" to store and locate information about you from time to time. Cookies are a small amount of information that the website sends to your computer browser (netscape, Internet Explorer, etc.). Once you log on to the website, this website computer can read the contents of the cookies in your browser, find your additional information on your computer, and provide the service without further input, such as your name on your computer.
  •            B) Cookies identify your computer, but they do not identify you personally. You also have a choice for cookies. By adjusting the options in your web browser, you have the option to accept all cookies, send notification when cookies are installed, or reject all cookies.
  •                 (1) Purpose of Use, such as Cookies: Target marketing and personal service are provided through analysis of the frequency of access by users, time of visit, understanding the user's tastes and interests, tracking the level of participation in various events, and tracking visits
  •                 (2) To reject cookie settings: By selecting the option in your web browser, you may allow all cookies, check every time you save them, or refuse to save all cookies.
  •                 (3) Examples of how to set it up: → Tools at the top of the web browser > Internet Options > Privacy Policy
  •                 (4) However, if you refuse to install cookies, there may be difficulties in providing the service.

5. Legal reasons and objectives for processing your personal data

   A. Our legal basis for processing your personal information depends on the purpose and context in which we collect your personal information. As we recognize the importance of privacy, we collect the minimum amount of personal data required to deliver the service.

   B. To help you understand, we have grouped all your goals for personal data processing according to four legal grounds: Acting with Legal obligations, Contract Implementation, Legal Benefits>/b> and Your .

   C. If we refer to legal benefits as the legal basis for your personal information processing, this is our top priority in improving, delivering, developing and promoting services and performing marketing analysis. Based on legitimate interest, we process and share third party personal information publicly available through our services with your Facebook friends and story shared on services that require your friend's data to get answers. This treatment is aimed at providing services, especially generating story.

   D. If you refer to your consent as the legal basis for processing your personal information, it is most important to ensure an effective user experience through content coordination because you cannot display personalised marketing ads or customize our services to you without your consent. Meet your habitual preferences.

   E. If you refer to the performance of the contract as the legal basis for processing your personal information, this will not be achieved unless you process your personal information Terms and Conditions of ServiceThis means that you will be entitled to use your service in accordance with .

Processing purpose Legal basis for processing purposes Category of personal data used by us for processing purposes
Service provided by allowing logins through third-party service providers Implementation of the Terms of Service Third Party Personal Data
Service delivery by enabling third-party service providers to share story Implementation of the Terms of Service Default Personal Data; Third Party Personal Data
Service Provision (including creating story) A legitimate understanding of the performance of the service or the provision of basic functions of the service (depending on whether you are logged in). Default Personal Data; Third Party Personal Data
Operational, Security, and Optimization of Services Good interest in providing data security and preventing fraud Technical data
Improve, personalize and develop services Legal interest in developing and enhancing the service and user experience in periodic business activities Default Personal Data; Technical data
Store and use automated decision making by using cookies and similar technologies to ring the profile (e.g. story suggestions) and provide story suggestions agreement Basic Personal Data, Technical Data
FaceApp Generate a story result page on utilization (see section 10 of this Privacy Policy for more information) agreement Default Personal Data; 3rd party personal data, technical data
Share personal data with third parties for marketing purposes through cookie use agreement Basic Personal Data, Technical Data
Create a user profile to adjust services and content to customer needs, expectations, or interests (e.g. advertising purposes) Legitimate interest in improving the user experience in periodic business activities Basic personal data, third-party personal data, technical data
Identify your location to determine the minimum age permitted by law the fulfilment of one's legal obligations Technical data
Display content from third-party content providers in a browser agreement Technical data
Share publicly available personal data from third parties to your Facebook friends to provide services and generate story results Good interest in providing basic services Third Party Personal Data
Communicate the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and inform us of any changes. the fulfilment of one's legal obligations Basic Personal Data, Technical Data
Customized customer service and direct marketing via email / IP address (US-based users only) Legal attention to effective user support and outreach of services in regular business activities 3rd party personal data, technical data

   F. We may process your data for another purpose if we disclose your purpose and purpose at that time and agree to use the personal information you propose or if the new purpose is compatible with the original purpose stated here.

   G. We can create individual user profiles using information about you to coordinate services and content based on customer needs, expectations, or interests. To do this, we use data about you and analyze it through algorithmic functions as described in section 4 of this privacy statement.

6. Your Data Protection Rights Related to Your Privacy

   A. If you are a resident of the European Union or the European Economic Area, you may use the contact information referred to in Sections 2 and 3 of this Privacy Policy to exercise the following data protection rights. You have the following rights:

       1) You may provide us with access to your personal information, correct any inaccuracies, or request the deletion of information. We will store and provide you with personally identifiable data without undue delay at any time (to the extent that the law requires) for free, taking into account the deadline set by the Act.
       2) Request restriction or processing of personal data based on the legal interests of the parties involved or directly marketing purposes, and the possibility of transferring personal data (transfering personal information to other legal or natural persons).
       3) If your data protection rights are violated, please submit a complaint to each data protection agency.
       4) Decisions based solely on automated decision making, including profile rings, should not be subject to decision making. Decisions have a legal or significant impact on you.

       5) If your legal ground for personal information processing is for your consent, please withdraw your consent for the processing of your personal information. Contact information referred to in Sections 2 and 3 of this Privacy Policy may be used to withdraw your consent.

       6) We must provide sufficient information to assess your request for your rights as set forth in article 6. We can ask you to provide additional information before authenticating to you and as a condition to evaluate your request.

7. Share personal information and data transfers outside the European Union or the European Economic Zone

   A. Only authorized processors and selected recipients can access personal data, and can access the data only for the purpose of helping to deliver services and solving service-related issues.

   B. We do not disclose any user-related data to any third party except.

Recipient Category Reasons for sharing
Third-party service providers Provide the possibility of logging into the service through a third-party service provider as described in this privacy statement section 9. The service is provided as described in 12. When you use the service, you may share all content via the service to social media pages operated by third-party service providers as you choose.
Operational service providers (preserved by legal consultants, auditors, etc.) Ensuring proper service and functionality of the website. Enforce the service terms and conditions.
law enforcement and data protection authorities Share your data if you are required to comply with our legal obligations under the applicable law.
a buyer of our business If we sell or negotiate to the buyer or prospective buyer to sell our business, we can share your personal data. In this situation, we will specifically ensure the confidentiality of your personal data and, if possible, notify you before revealing your personal data.
Your Facebook friends also use the service. Some queries in Google services require comments from Facebook profiles in the form of publicly accessible information. This means that if your friend is a service user and you shared story that requires your friend's data, the third party's publicly available personal data will be processed only in the context of a particular story.
Third-party content providers (e.g. YouTube (Google Inc.)) Some technical data (e.g. IP address) is shared with third-party content providers because it is not possible to send content to the browser without technical data only when clicking on the third-party content displayed in our service.
FaceApp Inc. Allow FaceApp to generate the story as described in Section 10 of this privacy statement.

   C. In some cases, Google may transfer personal information outside the European Union or the European Economic Area if each operating service is provided outside the European Union. We will use a special privacy device to provide you with a safe service. You have the right to contact us using the contact information specified in paragraphs 2 and 3 of this Privacy Policy to know your personal data, to obtain information, and to know the means of protection outside the European Union or the European Economic Area. A, within the framework of this privacy policy, content, tools, or other means and media are used by third-party service providers (including FaceApp in the context of this privacy policy section 9), your data will be transferred to the country where the registered third-party service provider's office is located. We do not control third-party service providers, so we encourage you to read our privacy policy and understand how you handle your information.

8. Data Retention Period

   A. Your information (all data categories mentioned in Section 4) shall be stored to the extent reasonably necessary to achieve the objectives set forth in Section 5 of this Privacy Statement or until legal obligations are specified. The following is an example of saving your personal information:

       1) Login data, such as the login ID, user name, gender and age, profile photos, and the type of social network used to log in to the service, will be kept for one year at the end of the service.
       2) The third-party service provider login access token is archived for 30 days at the time of login or at the time you log out of the service.
       3) Input data in open profile format (e.g. user name, URL of profile picture) created by third-party service providers will be kept for 30 days at the time of sharing the last post in the session.
       4) Posts that include uploaded photos, questions, and answer options will last three years until they are deleted or registered with a service account (either way or first).
9. Sign in and authenticate through a third-party service provider

   A. You can log in using a third-party service provider's authentication service (hereinafter referred to as "third-party authentication"). In particular, Face Book, Twitter, and INS TARGAM can be possible providers of authentication services.

   B. The requirements for authentication through a third-party service provider must be registered with the third-party service provider, enter the login details required for the appropriate web formulation, or you must already be logged in to one of the following third-party service providers.

       1) Facebook. You can log in using your Facebook account. Once you log in using Facebook, you will be redirected to the Facebook page. Here, Facebook will agree to share with us specific information about your Facebook account. This includes Facebook user ID (user identification number), user name (Facebook URL), name, profile picture, cover art, network (e.g. school or work), ageing, and other publicly available data (e.g., these data elements will be disclosed according to Facebook's privacy settings).
       2) twitter. You can log in using a Twitter account. When you log in using Twitter, you will be redirected to the Twitter visit page. The Twitter visit page asks for your consent to share certain information from your Twitter account with you. This includes the user ID, name, profile picture, account creation date, tweets, and other accounts that I'm interested in.
       3) Instagram . You can log in using an Instagram account. When you log in using Instagram, you are redirected to the Instagram visit page. Instagram will agree to share certain information from your Instagram account with us. This includes the user ID, name, user name, profile picture, and picture.

   ) The above information is collected by each third-party service provider and disclosed to us in accordance with the provisions of the Facebook Privacy Policy ( ) Or Twitter's Privacy Policy ( / Privacy Policy ) Or Instagram's Privacy Policy ( )Data received from your third-party service provider can be controlled by changing the privacy and data settings of the account. Google will not display any information you enter in the context of authentication via the third-party service provider visit page.

   D. Keep in mind that your saved data can be automatically compared and synchronized with your third-party service provider's user account. However, we are not obligated to update the data.

   E. If you decide not to use the third-party service provider's user account connection for authentication by a third-party service provider, you must cancel the connection within the third-party service provider's user account. These are deleted.

11. Third-party Content

   A. You can display third-party content such as videos, RSS feeds, tests, games, text, graphics, and more on YouTube. Usually nested cookies to display third-party content (Example: embedded tracking cookie) If you click on the aforementioned third-party content, you understand that Google services will be terminated and the personal information you provide will not be subject to this privacy statement. Read the privacy statement to find out how to collect and process your personal information. For more information on cookies from third-party content providers used in our service, see Cookies Policy.

12. Use of our services via the Face Book

   A. Facebook, Inc., 1Hacker Way, Menlo Park, CA 94025, If you are serving with a Facebook application operated by USA, your consent is required to access the data stored on Facebook.

   B. You will be explicitly mentioned in the context of the Facebook Agreement dialog in the data collection and sharing with Facebook (e.g. public profile, friends list, e-mail address and "like" information). The Facebook privacy settings allow the public to view them.)

   C. We can use data requested anonymously for statistical purposes. For example, if you can access the data from Facebook's chronic or favorite posts, you can evaluate how often the posts are shared or improved to help improve Google services and content, such as interesting stories. Based on your consent (e.g., without Facebook-ID), we conduct an anonymous assessment of the data you can personally identify and independently. This assessment is for us only without sending data to third parties.

   D. Google Services uses the social plug-in ( "plug-in") provided by Facebook. The plug-in can usually be identified by a Facebook logo (e.g., a letter f with a blue background or an icon above). To view a complete list of all social plug-ins ( ) reference.

   E. Your browser connects directly to the Facebook server by visiting a service page that includes a social plug-in. Facebook sends the plug-in directly to your browser and inserts the latter into the service. You will then receive information about Facebook accessing each page of the service. Therefore, we do not affect any data collected from the plug-in and notify you according to our knowledge status : The embedded plug-in provides Facebook with information that you have accessed the appropriate page for our services. If you are logged in to Facebook, you can assign a visit to your Facebook account. For example, if you click "OK" to interact with the plug-in, the information is sent directly from your browser to Facebook and saved.

   F. Facebook Privacy Policy for information on the purpose and scope of Facebook's data collection and processing, and about your rights and settings options to protect your privacy ( ) Visit. If you do not want the Face Book to use your data for marketing purposes, use the Face Book's Opt-out setting provided in your user profile. ( )

   Company. For more information on the consent process, consent, and how to withdraw such consent from a Facebook profile, please refer to Facebook's privacy statement ( https // / about / privacy / your-info-on-other ) reference.

   H, there is a Facebook application setup option that allows you to terminate service use over Facebook at any time. ( )

13. Revised privacy policy

   A. We have the right to modify or modify this Privacy Policy from time to time, in which case the privacy policy page will be disclosed and the user's consent will be obtained if required by the applicable law. Check again periodically. Please check again, especially before providing new personally identifiable information.